About Us

Chelle - Owner & Founder

Michelle has always had the love for baking. 

Being a third year generation vegetarian, Chelle had to learn how to cook her own meals. 

Having wonderful cooks in her family such as her grandmother and mother. She learned a lot from them and the importance of cooking for herself and others. With her family’s recipes and Chelle's Creation's, our desserts are carefully made with only the finest ingredients.

In high school Chelle was known as a Varsity athlete who was always on Honor Roll, winning Homecoming Queen her senior year and known as “The girl who bakes”. 

In College, Chelle made 2C's Bakery (Chelle's Creation's) into a small home business located in Columbus Ohio. At 2C's Bakery we have a sweet tooth for bringing happiness and joy to our customers. 

We absolutely love baking delicious desserts that are easily accessible to clients locally or with delivery options.